Thyroid Problems In Men

Causes Of Thyroid Problems In Men

If you are a man who is suffering with low libido and fatigue, you could be experiencing thyroid problems. When women have thyroid problems they have symptoms that are different from men. They become cold easily, suffer with exhaustion and can even have extremely dry skin. But men don’t have these types of symptoms and when they do, they aren’t as severe. Thyroid problems in men cause an overall slowdown that can leave a man feeling tired, sluggish and unable to finish his daily routine. But perhaps the biggest symptom of this condition is a decrease in sexual performance that includes an inability to achieve an erection and an inability to ejaculate. When this happens, depression can set in causing further problems.

Most men will not want to discuss these symptoms with anyone, including their doctor. So too often, thyroid problems in men go unnoticed. These symptoms can be embarrassing for a man and may even lead to other problems. Thyroid malfunctions are a serious matter and they can even cause the sufferer to become violent. The testosterone hormone is regulated by the thyroid and any negative changes can result in violent and upset behavior. The good news is the symptoms can be eliminated by taking medications prescribed by a doctor.

If you are a man who is suffering form these symptoms, a doctor can do tests to see if you are experiencing thyroid problems in men. There are 2 types of conditions that are associated with the thyroid and they are called either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism means that lower levels of thyroid stimulating hormone are circulating in the blood stream. With hypothyroidism high levels are being distributed. Iodide is a key ingredient for the manufacturing of the thyroid hormone. So the doctor will do a test that checks the amount of iodide the thyroid is absorbing. This indicates how much of the hormones the gland is producing. The location of the iodide can have an impact on the hormone production also. The doctor might also do a scan to find the iodide because this can indicated where the excess hormone is being produced.

A doctor might also do a scan and search for nodules or adenomas in or surrounding the thyroid. They can also be the reason for the over or under production of hormones. Sometimes these nodules are malignant types of cancers. But most of the time, if they do not increase in size or change shape, they are not considered dangerous. To find out if these nodules are cancerous, a doctor might choose to do a biopsy on them. He will use a fine needle to draw cells from the nodule. This will indicate if it is malignant or benign.

There are many treatments for thyroid problems. They can be conventional or alternative treatments and they all address the specific thyroid problem. In most cases, the symptoms of this condition are treated with drugs and surgery but using alternative medicine can lessen the negative harmful symptoms. It is also recommended that a person suffering with this condition change his lifestyle and eating habits and include exercise into his everyday routine.

When it comes to treating thyroid cancer, a doctor will perform surgery to remove the offending nodules. The sufferer may also have to go through radiation treatments to make sure that the cancer does not spread to other areas of the body. The surgery is called a thyroidectomy. During this procedure, the lymph glands in the neck might also be removed.

Any man who has symptoms that indicate thyroid problems should be checked by a doctor immediately. In most cases, he can take medications to improve his over all health. But just in case this illness is caused by a cancerous growth, it is better that it is detected quickly, for a fast cure.

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